6 Ways To Promote the Gospel & Demonstrate Your Love for Others This Easter

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This is a body life post for Grace Bible Church of Pleasant Hill

  1. PRAY before coming to worship. Pray for the word being preached on Good Friday and Sunday. Pray for the gospel to be made clear. Pray for the Sunday school teachers. Pray for the visitors. Pray for any last minute decisions being made whether to attend or not. Pray for the nursery workers, ushers and greeters. Pray for the worship leader and worship team. Pray for those serving in the media ministry and those having to stay at home to watch online. Pray for the Hispanic meeting. Consider coming to pray at the 8:15 a.m. prayer meeting. Consider staying to pray at the beginning of the 2nd hour service.
  1. Arrive EARLY to our worship services with your heart prepared to exalt the Lord for His gracious salvation. Show your concern and love for others by not being a distraction by arriving after the service of worship has already begun. This is a simple act that shows consideration for others.
  1. Park a bit further from the facility. Show your love and concern for visitors by not taking the closest parking spots but instead leaving those for our guests. Help people find their way if you see them in the parking lot.
  1. Sit up front. Show your love and concern for visitors by not forcing them to sit in the front seats in a new and sometimes intimidating setting. However, if you have small restless children sit closer to the exits and rear of the worship center. Be willing to give “your seat” to a visitor.
  1. Sing and praise God with your whole heart. Set aside your personal preferences and remind yourself that you are not a consumer but a worshipper. You are here to offer your praise to God and He is worthy of your attention, involvement and vocalized praises. It’s all about HIM. HE is the audience of ONE. Outsiders and children see the reality of your faith expressed by your genuine engagement in the worship of God.

Here is the link to the new resurrection praise song (“It is Finished”) we learned last week. Become familiar with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yrqEsbnWTk

  1. Be gracious and hospitable. Reach out and introduce yourself to any and every new person you have the opportunity to greet. Ask people if there is anything you can do for them. Help people that look lost find their way around the facility. Offer visitors a free Bible or gospel literature found in the lobby.

Remember, you are the hands, feet and mouth of the Lord to others.

“Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time. Let your speech always be gracious…” (Col. 4:5-6a).

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